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Help Nepal recover from the quake. Visit on Vacation

Nepal Quake 2015
Nepal Quake 2015

A destructive quake struck Nepal on April 25. With such a disaster not a single sector affected, many lives passed away, billions of infrastructure devastated along with Nepal’s Tourism Sector.

The epicentre Barpak, a beautiful place in Gorkha district was more affected. However, it is not meant that Nepal is now unsafe to visit as before. Nepal is not only about those affected 10 districts. Yes! there are still safe-sides to visit Nepal in other 65 districts and you can contribute a little for those who need special cares & helpful hands.

Nepal suffered damages especially in Central & Western region. Other East, Mid-west, Far-West regions had hardly suffered any noticeable damages. Nepal has many levels of stunning and beautiful places to visit. It’s popular with its natural diversity, himalayas, cultures, friendly people.

It does not seem that logical to cancel Nepal travel plans. Now is the time you can help and now is still the time visit Nepal. Make your next vacation trip to Nepal

Now, is the time to rebuild this beautiful country. Together we can do better.

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